Welcome to Wilmette Park Lodge No. 931 serving the Brethren and communities of the Northern Chicagoland area. We hope you enjoy your stay and find our site informative, interesting and even a little enlightening. We have many on-line documents for you to read, from interesting stories of this lodge to accounts of Masonic life.

Wilmette Park Lodge is comprised by a number of consolidations:

Golden Rule Lodge No. 726

(U.D. 1874)

Equity Lodge No. 878

(U.D. 1905)

United Lodge No. 726

(U.D. 1960)

Park Lodge No. 843

(U.D. 1894)

Wilmette Lodge No. 931

(U.D. 1911)

North Evanston Lodge No. 1060

(U.D. 1922)

Winnetka Lodge No. 1078

(U.D. 1922)


We will have a fun get-together at Worshipful’s House on Saturday December 1st from 2pm to 5pm to watch and discuss the activity being shown on the popular TV program “Curse of Oak Island”.  Please bring your own snacks and beverages (no alcohol please).  Please RSVP by email here.  Worshipful will confirm your RSVP with an email containing his address.

You can purchase Wilmette Park Lodge's Commemorative Coins for only $10 ea.

You can purchase Wilmette Park Lodge’s Commemorative Coins for only $10 ea.  Purchase these coins at a Stated Lodge meeting or send an email or contact note to the Secretary.

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